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When a new water supply is to be connected, if water quality is suspect, before the arrival of a new baby, where vulnerable people are using the supply, when it is causing damage to equipment.
An annual test is recommended for private water supplies – in particular for bacteria and nitrates. Water should always be tested as soon as possible if there is any change in taste, appearance or odour. Test if there is unexplained illness – especially gastroenteritis.
Water can be tested for Bacteria and Chemicals. If yours is a new supply or one that has not been tested previously, you should have a General Assessment which covers both chemical and bacteria. Many other tests can be carried out on request, if there is a specific reason to do so. Contact our advisors at 021 4965616 if you need advice on testing.
Yes, We design, install, service and repair water treatment systems. We also repair and upgrade systems not originally installed by us.
Yes, we have a large inventory of filter cartridges. If we do not stock a particular type, we will try our best to source one for you.
All wells should have a simple sediment filter installed to prevent stones, sediment and other debris from the ground from making their way into your water supply. After heavy rain, most well waters will contain some sediment. Some supplies will need more extensive treatment to deal with more complicated problems.
Water that contains high levels of Calcium and Magnesium is considered hard. This type of water typically causes white scale to build up on kettles, showers, boilers etc and causes scum. A water softener can be installed in the home which will remove all hardness from the supply. Hardness is frequently referred to as “lime”. Treatment for lime is extremely successful and inexpensive to maintain.
Water that is acidic i.e. that has a low pH value, is aggressive and picks up copper as it passes through hot water copper cylinders. The green copper then deposits on the hair during washing and imparts a green tinge. Acidic water should be neutralised for use in the home to prevent corrosion of copper.
Black specks are normally associated with manganese. You should have the water tested to confirm the reason and to enable the correct method of treatment.
Bad egg odour is usually caused by the presence of hydrogen sulphide in the supply. You should have the water tested for bacteria to make sure that there is no pollution issue. Treatment is available to remove the odour from the supply.

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